Hey there :) 

I am Mathilda, the founder of Tilymoon. I’m Parisian, living in Istanbul nowadays.

Passionate about travel and all things artisanal, I spent a few years travelling around the globe, searching for myself and meeting beautiful souls along the way.

One day, coming back from a trip to Indonesia, I saw the same woven bamboo bags that are a typical Balinese craft, hanging in the storefront of a big chain of retail stores.

After doing some extended researches, I found out that these actual bags were made in china in a huge factory employing thousands of people.

But they were sold as a Balinese handicraft. Thinking of the Balinese people from whom was stolen their main handicraft, thinking of the Chinese factory workers that were most probably not working in proper conditions or getting regular wages, I felt something called injustice. And I realized that if this was disturbing for me, it would be disturbing for other people as well.

And this is how Tilymoon was born. A platform of visibility for the small artisans, a collection of men+women’s wear and a lifestyle collection of various items from around the globe made with love by people we know and admire. We put forward the artisans and focus on handmade items.

It is a sanctuary platform where everyone gets proper wages for their work, where we select meticulously the small factories or people we work with and pay them regular visits during the year to tighten our partner/friendship.

My team and I mostly pick up the goods by ourselves and what we love above all is to get to know our artisans, their stories, their cultures. The materials used during the making off process. Get lost in places. Make new friends.

Our collections are cross seasonal and inspired by artisanal techniques and prints.

It always starts with a crush. We only sell what we love, and love to wear. Fashionable goods that are timeless and carry the soul of the land it’s made in.

Sometimes, we just buy the raw materials and bring it to our lady artisan back in Istanbul who creates beautiful pieces for our own collection that are inspired by the ethnicity and savoir faire of those countries.

We only do capsule collections and we manufacture when we get orders, which is a great ecological practice of non wasting.

Some pieces, such as the Kaftans and Antique jewelry are one of a kind. 

As a Parisian, I love simplicity and I believe it is the ultimate sophistication.
Tilymoon combines a beautiful bohemian and ethnic style inspired by far away countries with the chic of Parisian women. And we believe it will look mesmerizing on you...


Mathilda Urfali