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This gorgeous Tilymoon Papua Necklace is handmade in Bali and inspired by the necklaces worn by the Asmat people from the Papua Island in Indonesia. 

The word Asmat literally translates to “people of the trees” and their spiritual beliefs and practices center on nature, which they consider sacred.

The Asmat live harmoniously in the middle of nature. They cover their body parts with leaves or fibers of the forest. They also carry accessories like necklaces and bags that are usually decorated with shells. 

These necklaces are worn in Papua for certain rituals or as a tool for payment between tribes. 

For you, they are perfect for a festival or a tribal style event or party. Can also be used as a gorgeous wall decoration.

To feel connected to mother Nature, just like the Asmat people...

Materials used : macrame, shells, beads, cruelty free feathers

Size 31*60cm

Strong armature, heavy just like the traditional way. 

Long Necklace 

Adjustable size

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